laundry roll pull out cart
Wasted space between
the washing machine &
dryer becomes valuable
storage area with a custom
pull-out rolling cart.
On the Bench---Archives Continued
historic renovation corbel
Stage extension church remodel
This addition to a church stage not only
added square feet, it also added beauty.
light fixture
What was once considered a
horrendous light fixture & was
two steps away from becoming
part of the landfill, became a
work of art when Erik removed
the dated glass look and
replaced them with wood.
shelf display art
says shelves
have to be
are functional
Many of the corbels on this
historic site were missing or
damaged beyond repair. Erik
was able to repair a few and
the rest were replaced with
corbels that he hand crafted.
Updating staircases can
be as easy as replacing
the step treads!
Updating step treads
replacing step treads